My Modem Exploded

Due to a power surge killing my modem, comics might be delayed this week.


Back online after the better part of two days without internet. Not my longest period offline in the past year, but still a hassle.

I had a screw loose. Literally. A loose screw in my fuse box that was causing arcing to a neutral line. How? I have no idea. I never get near the inside of my fuse box let alone remove screws.

So there was arcing. This was causing surges through my electrical system. Which killed my microwave, dishwasher, PC speakers (with subwoofer), amp, printer/scanner, and my modem. So far. I’ve been looking for more dead electronics and appliances and so far everything else has survived. Some of the casualties were plugged directly into the wall, some were on surge protectors. Some were plugged into the same power bar or wall socket as an unaffected item.

The end result is I was offline for a couple days, couldn’t get the strip posted, and pretty much have to wash dishes by hand and cook using an actual oven. For twenty-four hours I was back in 1985. Plus I need to spend two grand replacing things.