Miniature Monster Mondays : Elder Bulette

Welcome to Miniature Monster Mondays, where I provide a statblock and some lore for a 5th Edition monster based on a miniature.

Wizards of the Coast (and their affiliates) has been making official miniatures since 2003, and many of the miniatures from old sets are of monsters than have not been updated to the current edition. Meanwhile, many monsters from other miniature producers (such as Reaper Miniatures) lack official statistics. This series aims to help Dungeon Masters who own these minis might wish to use them (and encourage DMs who might not have them to buy one if they see one).

Elder Bulette

© 2004 Wizards of the Coast

In 3rd Edition, bulettes were Huge sized monsters. This miniature was released in 2004’s Giants of Legend set.

Bulettes can be found in most temperate lands, especially plains and forests. They are devastating to the ecosystem and greatly feared by farmers and ranchers.

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Shunned Giants. The vast majority of male bulettes are killed by females during their violent mating rites. On occasion, male bulettes will fail to find a mate; this typically occurs when other bulettes in the region have been killed or a male is geographically isolated. The longer a male bulette lives the larger it grows, which further discourages females from choosing them as mates. These bulette can grow up to twice the normal size over the span of a few decades.

Surly and Teritorial. Elder bulette claim a region and wander that territory until everything edible has been consumed. Because of their great size, these beasts require a staggering amount of food. Elder bulettes quickly react to intrusions into their hunting grounds, and their years of experience doesn’t diminish their violent tendencies. In fact, having survived numerous attempts to kill them, most elder bulettes are quicker to attack than their smaller relations.

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