Miniature Monster Mondays : Sand Trap

Welcome to Miniature Monster Mondays, where I provide a statblock and some lore for a 5th Edition monster based on a miniature.

Wizards of the Coast (and their affiliates) has been making official miniatures since 2003, and many of the miniatures from old sets are of monsters than have not been updated to the current edition. Meanwhile, many monsters from other miniature producers (such as Reaper Miniatures) lack official statistics. This series aims to help Dungeon Masters who own these minis might wish to use them (and encourage DMs who might not have them to buy one if they see one).

Sand Trap

© Reaper Miniatures

The Desert Thing feels like an above ground version of the roper, with most of its body hidden under a sand dune. Instead of following the name, it could be painted to fit swampy terrain, or even placed vertically to serve as a mimic posing as a door or stretch of wall.

Sand traps are found in arid and sandy lands, where they can easily burrow into loose earth. While primarily found in deserts, a few have been reported on coastal beaches. Sand traps slowly digest their prey, consuming them over the course of several months, so they only need to feed a few times each year.

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Ambush Predators. Relations to piercers and ropers, sand traps conceal the majority of their conical bodies underground, leaving very little exposed flesh. Most position themselves near water holes where they can snare unwary animals. A few have found success lurking beside caravan trails, using the remains of former meals to attract more prey.


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