Miniature Monster Mondays : Spiders

Welcome to Miniature Monster Mondays, where I provide a statblock and some lore for a 5th Edition monster based on a miniature.

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Wizards of the Coast (and their affiliates) has been making official miniatures since 2003, and many of the miniatures from old sets are of monsters than have not been updated to the current edition. Meanwhile, many monsters from other miniature producers (such as Reaper Miniatures) lack official statistics. This series aims to help Dungeon Masters who own these minis might wish to use them (and encourage DMs who might not have them to buy one if they see one).

Part of Reaper’s Bones line of unpainted plastic Minis. The Vermin, Spider miniatures work as regular giant spiders, but can easily be painted into unique beasts.

Magma Spider

Hailing from the Elemental Chaos and regions where the Elemental Plane of Fire borders the Plane of Earth, magma spiders are elemental spirits that have formed a body entirely out of lava.

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Extraplanar Arachnids. Planar scholars have long speculated as to why these bodiless spirits take a form that mimics that of a terrestrial spider. Answers range from the innate fear spiders inspire to the advantages of multiple legs in semisolid environments.

Sand Spider

These amber-hued arachnids make their homes near watering holes and at the borders of deserts.

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Desert Hunters. Sand spiders ambush their prey, using their venom to disable creatures much larger than themselves. Smaller victims are devoured immediately, and any remains are disposed a distance from the spiders lair. Larger prey is drained of fluids and left in the sun to dessicate, so it can be eaten over the course of several days.

Hidden Homes. While sand spiders don’t spin elaborate webs they still possess spinnerets, which they use to weave flat domes. While they are still wet and sticky, the spiders cover these web constructs with sand, creating shelters that perfectly blend into their surroundings. These sandy domes not only allow the spiders to attack without warning, but protects them from the desert sun.


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