Miniature Monster Mondays : Fomorian Painbringer

© 2010 Wizards of the Coast

This miniature was released in 2010’s Lords of Madness set and the Fomorian Painbringer was a variant found in the 4th Edition Monster Manual.

Deep in the subterranean reaches of the Feywild are the kingdoms of the fomorians, where they rule within twisting caverns that weave between the roots of massive trees or at the heart of massive bramble thickets with thorns bigger than a human’s arm. In these dark lands, the twisted giants have uncontested mastery over their cyclopean servants, twisted fey minions, and assorted slaves. 

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Wicked Overlords.  Near the apex of fomorian society are the painbringers, giants whose corrupting magic is potent and debilitating. Painbringers use their Evil Eye to impose their will upon anyone deemed inferior, including other fomorians. They long for the day when all beings in the Feywild obey their commands. 

Twisting Sadists.  Fomorian painbringers delight in inflicting agony, both physical and mental. They are masters of torture and enjoy crippling their victims as well as imposing deformities upon beauteous fey. They enjoy nothing more than capturing an enemy then warping them until they are not only unrecognisable, but their spirit is so broken that they become willing servants of the fomorians. 


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