Miniature Monster Mondays : Elder Aboleth

This miniature is the Goroloth from Reaper Miniatures.

Oldest of the Old. All aboleths remember the time before the gods, when they were the undisputed masters of the antediluvian waters in the mortal worlds. Despite this, most aboleths are less than they once were, having slowly withered and diminished in power and stature. They retain their eternal knowledge and perfect memories but their bodies no longer act like they once did. This is especially true for the offspring of aboleths, who have their sire’s memories, but inherited only a fraction of their power. 

Elder aboleths retain more of the original aboleth’s former majesty. They are either among the oldest of their kind who have avoided death. Others have managed to restore some of their potency through dark rites and the sacrifice of innumerable mortal beings. 

Puppet Masters. Elder aboleths revel in corrupting mortals, tempting cults into turning away from the gods and instead worshipping them. While some of these cultists are transformed into skum (see Ghosts of Saltmarsh), the aboleth sometimes halts the progress of their infection in loyal servants, granting them limited psychic abilities, while also allowing the aboleth to innately influence the children and even grandchildren of cult members. The aboleths occasionally gift their followers special idols, which can be used as focuses for psychic powers, augmenting the cultists’ abilities while simultaneously allowing the aboleth to feed on their psyches. On occasion, entire seaside communities have fallen under the sway of a powerful aboleth.

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