This is my 300th webcomic here at 5 Minute Workday. Yay! Party time.

So I said to myself, “hey self, why not a colour strip?” Yeah… it was a lot of work. So I’ll be sticking in black-and-white for non-milestone strips.
Not that “300” is a noteworthy number beyond being biiiig and roooound. I just missed 100 and 200 and coincidentally saw 300 was approaching soon enough to plan something.

Shown in the strip is my current gaming group (not sitting in their correct seats for a couple reasons, mostly related to composition). Because, after providing so much inspiration, they deserve a mention and apperance. The player angrily tearing up a sheet is B____, who I manage to kill four or five times as often as any other player at the table, most recently about a month ago. I don’t target him or single him out for murder, it just works out that way.