Bag of Hoarding

Once players gain access to a bag of holding or a Handy Haversack the game transitions to Extreme Hoarders: Fantasy Edition. Everything that might be of use is tucked away in an extradimensional pocket in the unlikely event of it becoming the necessary linchpin of an unlikely, improbable,  and convoluted plan to slay a dragon. Sometimes this even applies to magic items.

While I dislike a lot of how magic items were handled in 3e and 4e – with the Magic Christmas Tree effect turned up to “epic” – the commonality of magic doodads did make them less likely to be hoarded. Unwanted gear was happily sold at rock bottom prices to buy a level appropriate plus to your weapon. In earlier editions and in 5e, magic is rarer and thus more likely to be held onto. Even if it’s not only unnecessary, but almost totally useless.