This is based on a 5th Edition rule “debate”. There’s a feat that is designed to let you fire a crossbow multiple times and effectively lets you shoot two crossbows at the same time. So there’s the argument that you can fire two crossbows and then reload one without dropping the second. The implausibility is justified by the reasoning that adventurers are heroes and should be able to do heroic and amazing things, apparently such as drawing a crossbow with your teeth or something. I’m all for heroes being heroic and exceptional, but I tend to draw the line in laughably implausible. But, hey, some people find it easier to suspend disbelief than others. Hence the high attendance of Michael Bay movies.

In the intervening weeks between drawing this strip and writing this blog, Wizards of the Coast released an errata that said that you do indeed need a free hand to load a crossbow. Which makes this comic both more topical but also less relevant.