Being Ghosted

I’m deep into a rewatch of Critical Role campaign 2. Episode 47 as I type this. Prompted by the absence of new episodes and being stuck at home and jobless for the foreseeable future. One of the neat things about this and similar gaming streams is the long stretches players remain in-character. Speaking as their PCs while engaging in long conversations or roleplaying scenes. When I started watching CR—back in like November of 2016—this seemed like a rare impossibility. You can’t stay in-character for that long! Stupid actors and their exceptional talents. And then I joined an online Star Trek Adventures game that was streamed on Twitch and I was surprised how easy it was to just stay in character. When you half-know you could be watched and also remove the possibility for off-game chatter by limiting side conversations (necessary online when any cross-talk is problematic) it’s surprisingly doable.

But when you live as a character for four hours ever week, when you do feel compelled to say something you would say that isn’t what they would say it just feels all the more out-of-place and jarring.



On an unrelated note, I have a storefront on TeePublic:

My employer has laid me off due to Covid-19 and I appreciate any purchases, which will keep me in dice and, well, food.