Boots of Weirdness

This is not my original blog. I had this whole other thing planned about treasure slots not always fitting how the PCs view their character, and how players sometimes have to choose between optimization and the character.

But then I wanted to check my phrasing on the individual toed shoes (apparently the correct term is “minimalist shoe”), and did some Googling in that direction, only to discover the webcomic xkcd made this joke first. As a reader of that comic, I probably laughed at the strip and it stuck in my subconscious. When I was sketching the strip I thought the concept seemed familiar, and even checked to see if I’d drawn it before. Which is a not uncommon feeling: I’m regularly doubting if my ideas are original or if I’m copying myself or others. I don’t talk to other cartoonists but I wonder if this is common. Or if they have some way of tracking what jokes they’ve made.

This is an accidental theme of this week as this Thursday’s planned strip also nagged at me with a special kind of deja vu until I realized the joke was a throwaway line in an older comic blog. So I’m just plagiarizing myself.