Butch and Sunblade

Falling damage has traditionally been funky in D&D. The higher level you are, the higher you can plummet from and survive. Somehow, in every edition of the game, ones skill with magic or a blade translates into the ability to survive a multi-story drop onto a hard surface.

In 5th Edition, a 3rd level fighter with 12 Constitution has around 28 hit points and dies if they take 40 points of damage from a single hit. But throw resistance to bludgeoning damage on them and they can skydive from orbit and likely survive. At 5th level they might even be able to walk away. At 10th level they don’t even need resistance to just walk off a fall at terminal velocity.

That’s just an example from the latest edition, but it’s just as screwy in earlier editions. Falling damage has always been deadly at low levels and then paradoxically minor with a few levels.