Cold Undead Hands

Little bit of a gun control strip. A big issue of late.

I’m a Canadian, so my opinions lean comparatively left on that issue, since we lack both a “second amendment” and NRA. While ostensibly not a “Canadian issue” it does affect us: 70% of illegal guns in Canada come from the States. The States is exporting gun violence. When Canada illegally exports things into the States, it’s normally limited to marijuana and only a dangerous to bags of chips.

Canada almost serves as a “control” for this sociological experiment. After all, Canada effectively shares a culture with the US: we watch their television shows & movies, listening to their music, and read their magazines. Our histories and the origins of our population are intertwined. A propensity for apologizing, watching hockey, and eating fries topped with cheese curds and gravy isn’t a significant cultural difference in relation to homocide lebve. And yet, gun ownership and violence differs significantly between our two nations, and we haven’t had a mass shooting in years. Something is causing this drastic disparity in gun violence, and it’s not criminals lacking access to guns, as the US is right there.  I sincerely doubt a higher percentage of French speakers or presence of the Queen on our money is the reason Canadians aren’t shooting each other.


Real world issues aside, controlling magic spellcasting or magic items is an interesting thought for worldbuilding. How much would a monarch regulate spellbooks and teaching arcane skills. This seems like something people would control, like owning a sword, which was limited seven-hundred years ago in the city of London. Being able to cast fireball is akin to owning an automatic weapon.