Deadliest Caught

If you want a character to suffer and feel the hurt of a trap, it shouldn’t go after their hit points and health, it should go after their gear. Losing armor, weapons, or magic items really hurts. It’s almost a fate worse than death. Heck, in 3e and 4e it was worse than death, as the cost to replace destroyed gear would quickly become much, much higher than the cost to resurrect a fallen PC. A character with a borked wealth by level would be significantly worse off than one who was merely blinded, deafened, and missing a couple limbs. This bugged me, as so often in fantasy fiction, characters are jailed and stripped of their gear. Conan starts several stories broke and looking for a new job. Heck, even in D&D fiction, the heroes of Dragonlance lost everything more than once and were forced to scavenge gear from their foes.