Dirty 20

Finding lost dice is tricky. Those suckers can roll and vanish in a blink of an eye. Which is annoying, but it’s a huge problem unless it’s a d4. Those are a hazard to life and limb.

Meanwhile, in the last couple months I’ve discovered the phrase “dirty twenty“. Because when you say “I rolled a twenty” at the table, the DM always has to confirm “was it natural?” You’d think people wouldn’t say “I rolled a twenty” after rolling a natural 20, but sometimes they do. And “unnatural twenty” is fine, but a mouthful; when people roll a natural 20 they often just say nat-20 for speed or make a dramatic presentation of nat-TUR-all twenteeeeee. Which you don’t want to do with a modded twenty: it’s a good roll but not celebration worthy. And “modified 20” sounds too formal. Dirty twenty is quick and not to celebratory, and doesn’t sound cooler than “natural twenty”.