Dragon Horror Picture Show

Tyranny of Dragons is the upcoming multimedia D&D event of the year, bringing the goddess Tiamat (back) into the Forgotten Realms.

You can thank posters kmdietri and Lwaxy over at ENWorld for this strip. Although the image of Tim Curry as a dragonborn was all me. And, of course, no slight or insult is meant to any of the fine people in the LGBT community; this is just a terrible pun. This comic is as far as I want to get from the realm of “good taste” and I’m uncertain if it crosses “the line”. It’s not my intent to offend or upset. Honestly, the image of Frank N Furtur as a dragonborn just amused me.

Speaking of “the Hotdog”, who doesn’t like Rocky Horror Picture Show? I need to watch it again. It’s been too long. Never managed to see it in the theater though, and should add that to my bucket list. It’s a lovely celebration of B-movies and bad science fiction. Part of me would like to see a fantasy version: there’s a lot of mockable stuff in fantasy – both written and filmed – that might really complement a similar send up. But trying to replicate the wondrous mad magic of RHPS twice would be follow.