Edition Wars

Edition wars are an interesting psychological phenomenon. All gamers have a shared hobby. Despite the wide array of backgrounds and lifestyles we all have this one common element that unites us all. I’ve also never met a gamer who will say “no” to a game even if it’s a system they don’t enjoy. They might prefer another system or choose a different game, but if no opportunity presents itself any gaming is better than no gaming.

And yet… give gamers an opportunity to talk socially and the first thing they do is start fighting and arguing over their game of preference. Non-D&D players begin insulting D&D. Basic D&D and Advanced D&D players get at each others throats. 3rd Edition and 4th Edition AD&D players start taking verbal shots at the other. Classic 4e ardents and Essentials 4e fans begin criticising.

It’s fascinating and horrible to watch. And if anything is going to doom the hobby… it’s in-fighting. Someone had to actually attack comic books armed with a book full of claims of juvenile delinquency and encouraging deviant behaviour to cripple that industry. But gaming is doing it all by itself. Who wants to join a community whose first instinct is to violently turn inward? It’s like joining a gang that only rumbles with itself.