End of the Road

Anyone who collected D&D Miniatures in the early 2000s likely recognises this “boss.” It was a Common rarity miniature, so if you bought more than three packs of Desert of Desolation’s randomized minis, you had a couple of these farmers. For a while, I had almost a dozen until I ended up donating my doubles to the local gaming club. (To which I have some regrets.) If I had been running more homebrew at the time rather than Living Greyhawk I might have used that to my advantage with an entire dungeon filled with “farmers” and “commoners.” Perhaps all looking identical. Or the adventurers going into a town where everyone looks the same. Now, the figure could work as an unexpected singular foe. A truly unexpected boss fight. Or a shapechanger attempting to look harmless and expecting sympathy or hesitation from its foes. (Good luck with that.)