Engage the Senses

I should have some comment or musings here about how a good Dungeon Master engages all the senses with the descriptions: describing not just what players see but what they hear and smell. But I can’t, because I’m filled with shame.

A fart joke.

Today I stooped to a fart joke. I feel dirty. Unclean.

It’s likely an unoriginal one too. I’m sure this has been said or mimed dozens of times. As a cartoonist, I feel shame and regret.

But I needed a Thursday strip and completely blanked on other ideas. And my wife smirked at the strip, so at least it’s not horrible.

This just means I need to do something literary next week. Characters dying while quoting King Lear or a sad Dickensian orphan asking “please, sir, I want some more”  to a worker ladling out dice.