Eye Contact

There’s probably no creature with a more alien brain than a beholder. As crazed and illogical as other aberrations are presented, like Mind Flayers or neogi, they have an understandable anatomy. They could be space aliens on an episode of Star Trek and still seam plausible. Beholders have an improbably and illogical in a completely different way, having a single body that moves with no source of locomotion, a huge mouth but no real torso for a digestive system spacious enough to contain anything their sizable maw can consume, and eyes that can see in eleven different directions at once. The last points is a big one for me: interpreting sensory data from almost a dozen sources would be dizzying and vertigo inducing. Imagine having your left eye moving upward while your right eye is shifting down and to the side as you physically move forward and turn clockwise… Ick.