Family Values

I try not to edition war too much. Emphasis on the “too”. I have my preferences but have been rolling dice long enough to know that if the group is good the system is largely irrelevant to the fun. I’ve had a great time with Palladium. Not just back in High School some fifteen years ago  (I was young and didn’t know better), but also in the last five years. If the DM knows how to tell a story and everyone at the table wants to play it’s easy to overlook the actual rules. Admittedly, there are limits. And sometimes the tension points of the game system steer the narrative in certain directions to avoid the flaws of that system. But fun can still be had. If my current players came to me as a group and said that they wanted to switch editions or try a new game I’d probably go along with it because, at the end of the day, I just want to spend time playing imagination games with friends.

Still, I spend a lot of time on forums – if only to get ideas for future strips – and the tension on the message boards can get pretty bad. The past five years have been pretty nasty and divisive for the fanbase. The still raging edition wars are the oilphant in the room, and a subject WotC is fairly quiet on.

It always strikes me as a little like the Republican/ Democrat split in the States. Only if the disagreements were limited to the actual voters while the actual Parties regularly golfed together and exchanged members.