Fangs for the Meal

Even in mythology, the Minotaur was a man-eater, who was fed on a steady diet of people lost in a maze. The curious thing is, cows don’t even really have a full mouth of teeth: they can’t *really* bite you as they lack teeth on their upper jaw. Bovines just have gums and bottom teeth. They have good chewing teeth, but they’re particularly ill-suited for tearing flesh off a bone. This might not be common knowledge to us modern city folk with our televisions and digital tablet devices, but I’m pretty sure an agrarian and animal-based people like the Ancient Greeks would have a pretty good idea that bulls don’t eat freakin’ meat. That something with the head of a bull might have trouble eating something non-grassy.

But mythological human-beast anatomy is weird. Like centaurs. Do female centaurs breast feed their young up top or down below, or do they alternate? Do they have all sets of nipples? Meanwhile, stallions lack nipples, so are male centaurs also missing their superfluous chesticle decorations?