Fantasy Olympics: Event Five

Given the strips refer to “Winter Olympics” I felt I should mock at least ONE winter Olympic event this week. I actually drew a blank for much of the week and wondered if I could get away with the meta-joke of only having summer events.

Giant slalom is actually a real event, although I imagine there are far fewer giants. Not being a sports person, I’m not entirely certain what the difference is between a “giant slalom” and a regular “slalom”. Course length? Mountain height? The size of the flags? No clue.

I chose nerdy things over sports, and stand by that decision. But I’m often surprised by how many geeky folk have a fondness for sports, watching football or hockey. I’ve had a few people in my gaming group regularly watch “the game” and avoid scheduling D&D sessions that might overlap with “the game”. A handful even did some fantasy hockey, which is really a combination of the two activities. It just goes to show that people seldom fit easily into convenient boxes and stereotypes are seldom perfectly accurate.