Fear the Reaper

I just got my backer rewards from Reapers’ Bones 4 Kickstarter. While the first two times I got the full base set, after the 3rd I’ve focused on a few choice pieces and specific expansions. But I still received dozens of new minis to add to my piles of unpainted heroes. I don’t think anyone has painted all their Bones. You’d need to set up some kind of forced labour camp to get all of them painted.

I joke, but while I agonised about my unpainted minis for a time, I eventually stopped. I realised that I don’t WANT them all painted.

I paint Bones and other minis as I need them for a game. I look for opportunities to use the monstrous minis I have, so I can paint them, but I can also customise the paint to match the story. When I needed a numerous minotaurs for an encounter, I opted to paint several and favoured different colours, so I could distinguish the minis. I wouldn’t have done that if painting them all at once, when I might have been trying to use as much of the same paint as possible.
Meanwhile, by saving the heroic minis, I can use them for future PCs, customising them for my players or the necessary NPCs. If I painted all my armoured warriors, I couldn’t quickly paint an honour guard of paladins for a high priest.