Fighter Spells

4th Edition fighters, at least the early ones, cast spells. . This always bugged the crap out of me and really drove me away from the edition when it first came out. It’s not the fact that fighters have powers, but that they have the same powers as wizards and clerics. While their powers are not called spells, they’re presented in an identical fashion to spells, often with very similar effects. Fighters and wizards have the same number of powers, the same formatting, the same recharging, and the same usage, etc. In play, if you didn’t know what a character was playing, it would be hard to tell what characters were magical and which were mundane

When I first started doing the comic, one of my first ideas was fighters casting spells. It was also requested quickly by Newbie DM (who is more than a little responsible for my doing this strip). It’s a tricky idea for a one-panel comic. Trying to represent a classical 1e fighter and a modern 4e fighter without multiple panels of dialogue. Depicting a “spell” without motion.