Font of Inspiration

Video games get a bad rap among tabletop gamers. There’s an implied inferiority at drawing inspiration or pulling ideas from video games. There’s a reluctance to add mechanics to the game that were first seen in video games out of the fear that it will make TTRPGs into a similar experience. MMOs especially. You’d think that MMOs have nothing in common with tabletop games for all the push against including ideas and concepts that have Warcraft as their source. Which is interesting as video game RPGs drew so much inspiration from D&D thirty years ago. The first Final Fantasy game even had Vancian casting. However, while video games can reinvent themselves with a new “edition” every two years, D&D and the like can only revamp themselves every decade allowing video games to evolve and change at a much faster pace. Using video games for inspiration is like looking ahead to what TTRPGs would have been like in sixty years if no one had created electronic entertainment systems.

Personally, I believe a good idea is a good idea regardless of the source, and it’s the execution that determines if an idea is viable. Ideas from video games are just as valid as ideas from forty-year-old versions of an RPG or brand new ideas.

(Mario is of course Copyright and/or Trademarked by Nintendo and is used without permission for purposes of satire.)