Forever Stained

When you think about treasure – and I mean really think about treasure – some odd moral quandaries emerge. This goes beyond just the tacitly approved murder and theft justified because the victims are capital-E evil.

If orcs used slaves to mine diamonds and your adventuring party killed the orcs, can you in good conscious spend the treasure? Does your seizing of the diamonds and/or murder of the orcs negate the suffering of the slaves, and are you not morally obligated to give the diamonds to the freed slaves? Similarly, many monsters undoubtedly gained their treasure from raiding and banditry, so shouldn’t a share of the treasure go to the families of those killed by orcs? Isn’t every dragon horde a collection of wealth pillaged from innocent people over decades?

It’s a little like if you replaced the soldiers of the Sheriff & Prince in a Robin Hood story with orc warlords. Yes, getting rid of the orcs saves lives and prevents future raids, but the common folk are still poor and are suffering to replace the lost income.