I find the whole “fake geek girl” thing amusing. It’s like this giant in-joke of the nerd community. Because everyone knows geeky girls exist. I married one and am friends with several others. Anyone who says otherwise is either truly delusional or trolling, and I can’t prove the former. It’s such a huge meme for something that should have been a non-event.

Even the original blog post that spawned the comment didn’t really seem to deny the existence of geeky females so much as posit the existence of some girls who play up their geeky quality to gain attention at cons. Which makes some sense given 85% of all cosplay seems to be a sexy superhero or sexy variant. There was precious few Harly Quinn cosplayers until she became “sexy” with the Arkham Asylum games and now she’s omnipresent. Judging from cosplay representation, you’d assume Marvel’s Black Cat was one of the most popular comic characters of all time. I imagine this might be a “forest for the trees” issue: once you see the couple people dressing up for attention that’s all you see overlooking the legions of people dressing up because they want to dress up. Really, dressing differently and exaggerating interests to attract the attention of the opposite sex isn’t so much a female trait as a human trait. Heck, the plot of the third Gamers movie is pretty much “Cass becomes a fake card-geek boy”.

To me, the real lesson of the fake geek girl phenomenon is one of bullying. Bullies do what they do for attention. The F.G.G. comment drew some attention and the bully-trolls saw their opportunity to strike, despite likely being the victim of some bullying themselves. By not just laughing off the claim of not being real geeks and finding something more interesting online, people got upset and gave the bullytrolls exactly what they wanted.