Gendered Armour

I maintain my position that chainmail bikinis are ridiculous.

Talking with people on forums (okay, I mean ENWorld) I’ve discussed why art that is not cheesecake is so important. Art that is inclusive and shows people of all genders and ethnicities in positive lights reminds people who identify with those images that they’re welcome and that the game is for them. Typically, the only counterpoint made is the generic “but I like cheescake art,” occasionally with the “compromise” that more beefcake art can be included. It’s posed that reducing “sexy” art diminishes the product, making it less enjoyable.

I don’t like this argument for two reasons:

  1. Why does a roleplaying game require art that turns you on? High production values are nice and good art is a plus, but why is attractiveness important? This isn’t 1979 anymore, and naked nymphs in the Monster Manual are not the closest people are going to get to seeing a boob. Sexy fantasy illustrations are not being rationed; they’re pretty much the reason DeviantArt exists…
  2. Cheesecake arts suggests that the subjects exist solely to please people attracted to them. Female warriors in chainmail bikinis imply that women exist for the enjoyment of men. And that’s not cool.