Guess Who’s Back

Yes, this is a comic about resuming games as I resume this webcomic after several months of unexpected hiatus. Meta. 

It’s been hard to laugh over the past few months. And while 2020 has been rough on everyone, I think this would have easily, hands down been the worst year of my life even if there was no COVID-19 pandemic. No contest really. It’s hard to find the funny right now. 

My D&D game hasn’t moved back in-person. While I’m in Canada—which is doing much, much better with the pandemic than the USA—it still doesn’t feel safe to meet in a single closed room. Even with masks on. I see pictures of people gaming without masks and it just boggles my mind. I wouldn’t have unprotected sex with the people at my gaming table without requesting a test first, so why on Odin’s green Earth would I let them breathe on me for five hours from half-a-meter away? 

Which also makes it hard to find good strips. The experience is so different and distracting that jokes don’t flow. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been a player the last several months. This has currently been the longest period of my adult life where I haven’t DMed a game. And I’ve really discovered I’m not a good player: I’m too distracted and used to always being “on” during game time that the long delays between activity grates at me.



I have a storefront on TeePublic:

Designs are available on T-shirts as well as masks and other mediums. As I’ve moved to a single income, finances are tight this year and being able to buy gaming books is a luxury.