He Might Have the Power

Having “the power” is good. It’s not as good as having “the touch”, but it’s a close second.

I’ve been watching a lot of He-Man lately. It’s on Teletoon Retro every week, so I’ve been introducing my li’l dude to the show. What’s the point of having kids if you can’t hook them on your obsessions. And ’80s television is the best.

He-Man is an odd duck of a show. It’s ostensibly a fantasy show with wizards, magic swords, dragons, monsters, and a dude with a skull for a face. But there’s a lot of technology as well, with flying vehicles, force fields, cyborgs, and more. And this dichotomy never seemed odd to me as a child. It just worked, and apparently worked with other cartoons as well. I never saw Thundarr the Barbarian, but it was apparently similar, as was Blackstar. There’s often a schism between science fiction and fantasy, but there’s so many examples of overlap, from the old comic strip serials of the ’30s to Star Wars.  With Numenera, Pathfinder‘s Iron Gods, and Titan’s Grave gathering attention, this subgenre is getting a lot of attention of late.