Heavy Metal

A recent Unearthed Arcana introduced the Armourer Artificer. A heavly armoured spellcaster that can literally use mind over muscle, ignoring a requirement of armours while using their Intelligence in place of their Strength. Which is cool and upon reading it I suddenly wanted to play a multiple-amputee ex-soldier who uses the armour as a means of continuing to adventure. 

Which is all good until you consider the fact you’re playing a character wearing 65 pounds of heavy armour who might have a Strength score of 8 to 12, and thus a very limited carrying capacity. I realize that some (read: most) tables don’t track encumbrance, but the rules shouldn’t assume house rules when making playable characters. Options like this should take all types of Dungeon Masters into consideration, including the bastards like me that track how much the gold you’re carrying weighs.