How About a Little Fire

Sometimes ideas just get stuck. I had the idea for this strip ages ago. The caption came instantly. As did the idea of a warforged Tinman and a shifter Cowardly Lion. Dortothy didn’t matter as I knew it’d just be the back of her head, and if I opted to rearrange the layout to show more she’d be a human ranger of sorts. It all worked nicely.

Except the Scarecrow.

I delayed this strip for months because I had nothing for the Scarecrow. Other than making him a tengu and an actual crow, but I was worried that might make the strip slightly less instantly recognisable. Having a humanoid bird in the frame just added a WTF first impression. It’s not like there’s even a shortage of D&D monsters that look like scarecrows. There have been several monsters that were pretty much just walking, talking, murdering scarecrows. Plus scarecrow golems, animated objects, and a pretty popular adventure that features ghouls and a flesh golem disguised as scarecrows. People like designing monsters out of scarecrows.