I Am the Night

Fantasy role-playing games have always had some element of wish fulfillment. You get to be the burly fighter who effortlessly beats up people who irritate him or the wizard whose brains and book knowledge grant him phenomenal cosmic power.

This can cause some strife in the game: some players want to start with the wish fulfillment badassery while other players are happy to earn that power and start the game a little less potent. Some want to start throwing around balls of firing and shapeshifting into raging side bears while others want to earn that power. And every now and then, a player just wants to be the goddamn Batman. To which I say “play 4e and roll up an avenger.”

Legal: Batman is Trademarked and Copyrighted by DC comics & Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and is the creation of Bill Finger with some help from Bob Kane.