I Think I’m a Clone Now

Drizzt covers a lot of cliches. Or tropes. Or stereotypes. Pick your noun. He’s a ranger has a panther/large cat animal companion, he uses twin scimitars/swords, he’s a member of a traditionally evil race and often misunderstood or judged for how he looks, and he’s a drow. Technically, a tiefling ranger with two shortswords and a lion would be 3/4ths Drizzt. Independently, most of these tropes are not too offensive, but when you combine two or three it starts to get a little… cloney.

There’s also the perceived “Mary Sue” aspect of the character. Which isn’t represented because it’s not exactly easy to draw. (Unless someone rolled Bob Salvatore as their character I guess.) How much Drizzt is a Mary Sue really varies on your definition of the term and the source of the character. Like Elminster, the creator is pretty hard on Drizzt in their novels, but the character is presented as a fairly unkillable figure in a lot of other media, to say nothing of people’s homegames. I think most of the hate comes from fans throwing Drizzt into their campaign as this famous figure the players are meant to fawn over.