Innocence of Youth

Everyone thinks of little kids as cute and innocent, but they’re really not. That’s learned behaviour. We teach them morality and what is acceptable and unacceptable. If given a license to misbehave or act “immorally” in the safety of a realm of imagination – like Dungeons & Dragons – kids can surprise you with some depravity.

My son is getting to the age where he’s *almost* old enough to play D&D. Especially a simpler edition like 5e. He just turned 6 years old, and I know some kids have started at that age. I think he needs a little tighter of an attention span before I introduce him to the game, to say nothing of stronger reading skills. Plus, I’d prefer that he not associate the game with his youth, as one of those things he did as a little kid. Something he can grow out of or become “too cool” to participate in. Plus, I’m the dad and he’s my son: there are bound to be things I love he couldn’t care less about. D&D and gaming could very well be one of those. I think back to my father’s failed efforts trying to get me into golf and soccer and wonder if that will be D&D for my son.