Insane Flirting

I have a lot of weird fonts on my computer. A few are because of this webcomic, when I’ve needed a new font to mimic a movie poster, ape a comic book cover, slip in some sound FXs, or add some glowing elven runes to a gravestone. The rest of time, these extra fonts were pulled from the interwebs to be used in a gaming handout or other manipulable.

This was all well and good until I upgraded to Windows 10 over the summer and it grabbed a random front from my collection to use in a handful of menus. Of course it chose a handout font, rendering many applications unusable.

As a side note… how much of a creepy date rapist does that cultist look like? I think it’s her reaction that’s making the image so… unsettling. Which is really turning an awkward and cheesy pick-up attempt into a sexual harassment situation. But I wouldn’t feel too bad for her; she does worship an Old God and just came from sacrificing a black cat to her unspeakable deity.