Large-Sized Problem

The vast, vast majority of my miniature collection comes from randomized pre-painted plastic minis. They were so cheap when they started being released nine or so years ago. Although, after two Kickstarters, Reaper Bones is certainly grabbing a share.

The biggest problem with randomized minis is finding the mini you need. I’ve bought packs and packs, even getting a few cases over the years, and purchased many minis on the open markets of eBay or Toad and Troll, picking choice figures and filling gaps in my collection. I like having the right mini for a monster: it complements my OCD. I’ve even tried designing adventures to fit miniatures in my collection. But every now and then I need a choose a “close enough” mini, and it infuriates me like a mosquito on the back of my neck, nagging and itching uncomfortably. I’m crazy that way. Especially if the mini I use is sooo much cooler than the monster.