Level 15 Fashionista

I’m honestly just amused by swapping a real worlddecade with a fantasy date, which would be a couple decades ago by the current “Dale Reckoning” of Faerûn. Although, it also works as a slightly anachronistic real world joke: the year number isn’t that far from a real one.

Fantasy fashion does tend to be messed up. How we picture fantasy characters dressing really owes more to what artists thought looked cool than any actual medieval clothing designs. There was a lot of really strange fashions in the past. It seems simply to just have the jeans and T-shirt look of canvas trousers and a tunic, but as simple as this should have been, it just wasn’t done. But, then again, buisness suits with their lapels, superflous buttons, and fake pockets – let alone the absurdity that is ties – are pretty impractical as well.