Looting the Fallen

After a successful battle, the very first thing adventurers do is strip the bodies of all valuables like vultures that feed on gold. Purses are emptied, decent weapons are claimed, jewellery is ripped from stiffening limbs, and even gold teeth might be extracted. It’s particularly unheroic, and not very cinematic. You seldom see the brave heroes of film spending and equivalent time rifling through pockets as they did fighting the brave fight.

Looting (or “Greyhawking”) a body takes on a an extra degree of ¬†weirdness when the corpse is that of a fallen party member. You know they have treasure, and their magical gear might be needed by the adventure – conveniently of a similar level to the fallen – who will be encountered the next time the party hits town. But it seems odd not to consider giving the treasure to the next of kin, or using it to cover funerary expenses. Or entombing the fallen hero with their equipment, so it can be claimed by a future generation of grave robbers/ adventurers.