Method Acting

I recently did one of those “what kind of role-player are you?” quizzes that condenses your entire role-playing personalty and traits into twenty or twenty-five questions. I’ve always viewed myself as a storyteller first but this particular quiz rated me as a method actor first. It’s not that outlandish as my last few characters have had strong personalities. It’s much easier to get into the game when your character is a little over-the-top. Whenever I’ve tried subtler personalities it’s been much harder to bring the character into the spotlight.

The trick with having a strong personality for your characters is that sometimes they can take on the life of their own. The characters needs and desire will push you to act against the wishes or needs of the party. This leads to the character doing something troublesome (or horrifying) but then having this action justified as “it’s what my character would do.”

This is tricky because it’s still your character and it’s your responsibility to design and play a character that is not detrimental to the story or the fun of everyone else at the table. But you also want to be true to the character. Sometimes the character just needs to “be in a curious mood” that day to justify things moving smoothly. Other times, as the player, you have to find a way of justifying what needs to be done to make the character fit their role.