I like that giants in D&D Next have returned to a more restrained strength compared to 3rd Edition, where their numbers went up and up. But 5th Edition are getting a little close to a problem we ran into in 4th Edition.

Because stats were based on level, giants often didn’t have that much more strength than their medium-sized opponents. A frost giant was rocking an impressive 23 strength, but a human fighter three levels lower would be giving him a pinkbelly with his 24 strength. A hill giant (level 13) had a pathetic 21 strength, likely matched by the 4th level human fighter. Further making this an amusing issue is that in both 4th Edition and Next, carrying capacity is simplified for very easy math: it’s your Strength x10. However, because of the difference in scaling,  a large-sized creature weighs 2x2x2 times a medium-sized one while a huge-sized creature is 3x3x3 times heavier. According to the 3.5e SRD the cloud giant weighs 5,00 and hefty a storm giant weighs 12,000 pounds. They’ll be struggling to life their own body weight.

Being able to carry Strength x10 and lift Strength x20 is simple yet pretty darn high. Can the average person really haul around 100 pounds of junk all day without being slowed down? After going to the gym for a couple years I can now bench 60-65kg (around 140lbs) and squat 100kg (about 230lbs), which would put me at around a Strength of 10. Which makes me roughly as mighty as your average elven wizard. Ouch.