Minion Might

Minions are a 4th Edition rule. Monsters with a single hit point that die after one blow. They’re an element of cinematic play, where the heroes face off against a dozen weak enemies. They can kinda exist in 5e by just giving enemies minimum hit points rather than the average: there’s very little practical difference between a goblin having 1 hp and 5 hp when a PC’s minimum damage is 6 or 7.

From a design perspective, I find minions work best a mid-levels of the game. At low levels you’re not a big action hero yet, so few monsters count as minions apart from exceptionally weak kobolds and goblins. At high levels, minions *should* work but there are secondary problems; to challenge high level PCs monsters need more damage, so a lower level monster just doesn’t work. However, just having a high level monster with low health gets weird, because what exactly is a high level flunky? It’s odd when seemingly tough and dangerous monsters can be effortlessly dispatched. I dislike the disconnect between the narrative and the mechanics when a monster that would otherwise be a miniboss is reduced to being a speed bump in an encounter. When powerful monsters somehow get artificially easier and significantly less dangerous after only a couple levels it hurts my suspension of disbelief.