Observe and Record

I had a lengthy internal struggle over whether it should be the “Kobold Report” or the “Kobold Record”. The latter keeps the same letter ending (a “d”) between words and evokes a similar rhythm as the “Colbert Report”. But the former makes the naming that little more obvious and keeps the joke that little more quick to absorb.

So. Kobolds. Funny little buggers. I never really “got” kobolds until 3rd Edition. Oh, I used them. As 1/4HD monsters they were lovely starting mooks for most campaigns. But I never really saw them as particularly different from goblins, save their fondness for traps. But, really, what monster didn’t have an affinity for traps when building a dungeon. Kobolds really just seemed to exist as “the enemy” for gnomes.

I don’t think it was until Dragon Mountain that kobolds started to become interesting to me. That was when they really began their affinity towards dragons if memory serves. Then 3e made them slightly more reptilian. They were always somewhat scaly, being lizard-rat-dog creatures. But 3e went all in and turned them into small reptile men. Then they became tiny little dragonmen (or so they believed) which really added some life to the critters.