This is one of those strips where the back of my brain is telling me someone might have done this before, but after extensive Googling I can’t find an existing strip. Maybe it was a joke told around the game table. Perhaps it’s from some half-remembered Dragon Mirth comic from a Dragon magazine I read twenty-odd years ago in Junior High. Or I’m just paranoid. I try hard not to rip anyone off, but eventually ideas collide and there’s some concept overlap.

During those exhaustive Google searches, I discovered “dragon repellant” is apparently a brand of hot sauce. So it is a product, but not BBQ sauce. I refuse to change the caption, as that might be more apparent when applied to the face (and I’m not a shill for spicy condiment brands).

I’m not sure if dragons would even like barbeque sauce. Or hot sauce for that matter. They effectively eat their meat raw – with the possible exception of red dragons. They forgo most forms of seasoning or preparation. Which seems odd for an intelligent creature, especially long lived ones. Shouldn’t there be dragon connoisseur with refined palettes? Ones that carefully prepare their means or go out of their way to consume different animals and humanoids. Actually… this might explain the traditional dragon fascination with princesses and maiden sacrifices: they’re almost veal. A delicacy.