Phenomenal Cosmic Power

Paizo released their version of “Epic” known as Mythic. This was unlike the past two versions of Epic rules, 3rd Edition’s Epic Level Handbook and 2nd Edition’s High Level Campaigns which focused on play above 20th level. Mythic Adventures instead added new powers and options  that could be added to any level. It’s basically 10 floating levels that can be taken anytime during levels 1 to 20 and allows you to do things that otherwise break the rules.

But it isn’t just Pathfinder. The designers of D&D Next/ 5th Edition have talked about doing something similar with the “Legendary” ruleset that can be used to make monsters like dragons into far greater threats in their lairs. And the idea is very similar to Quinn Murphy’s concept of WorldBreakers.

This also means you could become “mythic” at a low level and face equally mythic threats, such as the fabled Mythic Goblin. But that might be a little silly…