Putting the Kick in Kickstarter

I haven’t backed many Kickstarters of late. There’s so many other things to spend my monies on. I’m still waiting on the final rewards of the Order of the Stick Kickstarter, but I think I would honestly have Rich Burlew keep advancing the store in the comic than making more side stories. And the product of Reaper’s Bones 3 is slooooowly making its way to the Americas. And there’ Karthun, which was supposed to have been released in late 2015…. But mostly, of late, I’ve been limiting myself to PDFs and smaller products rather than the big stuff. I stayed the hell away from Kingdom Death: Monster (especially with the estimated 2020 delivery date).

But now there’s Kobold Press doing their campaign setting for Midgard with a 5e splatbook.  With a fancy shiny cover variant. And I’m suddenly having flashbacks to 2013/2014 when I threw far too much of my money onto Kickstarter because there was cool stuff!