Random Number Generator

Instead of talking about random number generation or dice towers, I’m ranting about some behind-the-scenes drama. Audio commentary stuff.

This strip started off completely different.

I’ve had the vague idea for a strip on ridiculous house rules for a while. The punchline/caption was going to be “It’s a house rule”, with much of the gag being the crazy visual. Likely an adventurer wearing something crazy or odd. (I’d considered historically accurate medieval codpieces but decided that was not PG enough.) I eventually shifted tracks and decided to show the real world and sketched this strip. But I didn’t feel it worked with the caption, that it didn’t capture the essence of the planned punchline. So the caption was replaced with current one, which is funny enough.

Of course, I still had the “It’s a house rule” punchline rattling around in my brain. I’m more of a writer than an artist, so the visual just was not coming. I’m sure an actual cartoonist (someone like Brian Patterson or Randy Milholland) could instantly sketch a hilarious image worthy of “It’s a house rule.” All I could think was ideas like “what if… an adventurer was wearing a chicken as a helmet?”

Eventually I gave up and went with the dad joke that was the previous strip.