I was a Boy Scout and I always took pleasure in leaving the campsite better than when I found it. I could say I was being responsible, but really it’s me being smug and wanting to feel superiour. I wasn’t good at much (and I’m still not good at much, which you should know as you’ve seen my art) so being good at being a Boy Scout/ camper was a nice feeling. After my group left, the campground was clean, trash was picked up, and the fire was good and extinguished. Everything was ready for the next group.

You’d think a semi-transient group of adventurers would have a similar attitude: don’t leave a huge mess, keep things clean, pack-up everything you brought, etc. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect adventurers to keep track of, but the players never ever mention they clean up the campsite, and instead just take that short or long rest and bail. After all, you don’t want your campfire the previous night to spark a forest fire that threatens to engulf you as you’re busy fighting a bunch of gobl…. Holy eff, that would be a evil/fun encounter. Making a note of that.