Roll for Privilege

The name of this strip comes from an actual joke uttered at my gametable. We have a couple women gamers who are currently playing men (for reasons), so there’s been a fair amount of joking along the lines of “but I have a penis, so I can do anything.”

I’m rather proud of this analogy. Because it’s not like privilege—be it male privilege or white privilege or white male privilege—is a guarantee of success. You can still fail and fail hard. Which is what makes it so hard for some people to believe in white/male privilege: they can’t reconcile the idea they’ve had an advantage despite all the hardships they’ve had to deal with and problems they’ve overcome (or failed to overcome). Instead, you just won’t fail as often and will have a fortunate success more often. It’s also largely invisible: unless you’re paying attention, you might never realise that you never “rolled a 1”.